customs clearance liverpool

Global Container Services Ltd has been providing Customs clearance services in Liverpool since 1983.

From our main head office in Felixstowe, we have direct EDI links to HMRC to cover all of the main UK sea ports, including Liverpool.

Our Customs department are a team of highly skilled professionals, who guide you through the complex process of clearance; combined together they have over 100 years’ worth of experience, which can prove to be priceless in this industry.

We have a wide range of Customers, from first time importers through to multi-national high street branded companies. Products that we clear appear on the high street, your local supermarkets and your favourite on-line stores.

Customs Clearance Liverpool Specialists

We have specialist knowledge and experience of all government departments including DEFRA, Port Health and Forestry Commission.

More recently we have been featured in the FoodChain magazine (winter 2017), as a specialist service partner to some of the largest food importers.

We also provide clearance services to other freight forwarders, and offer a competitive yet comprehensive service, whilst we guarantee confidentiality and neutrality. Contact us to learn more about the services we can offer you and to book your consignment on.

From our head office in Felixstowe, we have direct EDI links to HMRC to cover all the main UK sea ports, including the following locations:

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