The new Union Customs Code (UCC) will come into force on 1st May 2016 and it will replace existing EU Customs rules. The new rules are essentially designed to simplify and modernise procedures, where all communication is electronic. Any importer who has current Customs guarantees in place for processes such as Inward Processing Relief (IPR) for example, are recommended to check with their authorising Customs department as these companies will need to re-apply for authorisation.

Although not compulsory for Customs Clearance / Freight Forwarding Agents, being an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) will become much more important from 1st May.

Global Container Services Limited have held the official EU status of AEO accreditation at the highest level (AEOF - Customs simplifications/security & safety) since August 2012, and have recently been inspected by HMRC to ensure that we remain compliant. AEO plays a key part to a worldwide initiative to have a safe & secure international supply chain. Companies who hold the accreditation have also demonstrated their ability to handle Customs controls competently. As an AEO approved company, you can therefore be assured that our procedures are verified and accepted by HMRC, giving our customers the benefits of using a compliant business partner.

Key benefits for our customers are:

AEO’s are considered a low risk service provider, and are therefore subject to less documentation checks.
Where physical examinations are required, AEO’s are given priority treatment.
Competent and experienced staff working on your behalf, who have passed HMRC checks.
Operate a safe and secure supply chain, therefore increased transport security of your goods.

If you require more information on UCC or AEO, please contact us.