As previously reported, the MOL Comfort ruptured on 17th June whilst en route from Singapore to Jeddah with over 4,000 containers on board. Shortly afterwards, the vessel split in two and the stern section sank after drifting for 10 days.

After encountering numerous problems with recovery of the remaining section, it has now been reported that a fire broke out on 13th July and teams of firefighters are attempting to put out the blaze which could affect the remaining 2,600 containers on board.

This vessel was only build in 2008, with 8,110 TEU capacity, and investigators will try to establish the reasons for the original break. It is possible that the vessel was not loaded correctly, or that cargo weights were under declared.

It looks increasingly likely that almost all containers on board will be lost, this does highlight the need for shippers/importers to have adequate insurance. If you do not currently insure your cargo, please contact us for a quotation. Please note that your goods are not automatically insured by us, unless we have previously received standard instructions in writing.