We are now just two months away from the start of the London Olympics' 2012, and this very exciting time for the UK.

The focus for Global Containers however, is the transport restrictions in and around London, which will have a major impact on vehicle movements, and will create significant challenges for all concerned with logistics.

We are liaising with our hauliers to assist where possible to mitigate disruptions, realistically we have to consider restrictions over a nine week period when the Olympic Park opens on 13th July and closes on 14th September.

Detailed maps are now available from the Transport for London website, illustrating the restrictions in place for each borough. To view the maps and to get further information on the restrictions, please visit www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/projectsandschemes/22313.aspx

Please also note that the Transport for London's plans are subject to change without prior notice, and it would be worth regularly checking on their website for any of these possible changes.

Considerations should be:

1. Ensure that we have correct delivery information, including postcodes, contact names and telephone numbers.

2. Avoid kerbside deliveries, as this will cause us the biggest problems when compared to off-road unloading.

3. Consider accepting deliveries out of peak times, the best time would be prior to 6am.

4. Whether LCL shipments can be combined with other LCL loads, even if they arrive one week apart.

5. If possible, postpone non-urgent deliveries or arrange for an alternative delivery address not affected by the transport restrictions.

6. Be prepared to be flexible for delivery dates/times, as vehicles are expected to be delayed.

7. Work with us, to ensure that your deliveries are still made in a timely manner, acceptable to all parties concerned.

For customers who are affected by deliveries to their area, we would ask you to contact us as soon as possible, so we can discuss and propose an appropriate plan to help over this period.