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Global Container Services - Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Global Container Services Ltd has been providing Customs Clearance services since 1983, and we have now entered our 30th year of service to the freight industry.

Our Customs Clearance department are a team of highly experienced dedicated professionals, able to deal with any clearance requirement, and who currently provide services to a wide range of customers including multi-national high street branded companies to large international freight forwarders.

If you are a freight forwarder looking to out-source your clearance department or change from your current supplier, we guarantee confidentiality and neutrality and provide competitive ‘agents rates’.

Our services include specialist knowledge of other government departments, such as Port Health, DEFRA and Forestry Commission, which will ensure that clearance of your goods is gained quickly and effortlessly.

We have our own direct EDI links to all main deep-sea ports including:

    • Felixstowe
    • London Gateway
    • Liverpool
    • Southampton
    • Tilbury
    • Thamesport
    • Teesport


To discuss your Customs Clearance requirements in more detail and to obtain competitive pricing, please contact us.

Customs Clearance Specialist

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