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In this section you will find the specification and details of our range of shipping containers that we use in the shipment of goods via our worldwide freight forwarding network. These container sizes are only a guide, as they can differ from one manufacturer to another or whether they are steel or aluminium.

All dimensions and volumes are approximate, as equipment can vary between manufacturers.

Size Type Tare Door Width Door Height Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Cargo Weight Capacity Volume Capacity
Global Containers
Dry 2300 2338 2283 5906 2352 2396 27500 32
Global Containers
Dry 3860 2338 2283 12030 2347 2393 26000 67
Global Containers
Dry 4000 2340 2586 12030 2352 2698 26000 76
    kg mm mm mm mm mm kg cbm


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